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The Studio

All of my posed newborn sessions, cake smash sessions, and half of my maternity shoots are held in my photo studio located in SE Calgary. It is just the right size for setting up several newborn scenes at a time or for a cake smash setup, or for taking elegant and intimate maternity shots with a complex and creative studio lighting. The studio is equipped with high-quality baby props, and all the essential supplies for taking care of newborn babies. There is a sitting area for parents and lots of space for my creative work.

I love my studio. It was set up about a year after we moved into our newly built home. There is still work in progress, but it's getting there. Working from my own photo studio, instead of renting a commercial space, allows me to keep my prices affordable.

My studio is separate from my home, and neither my two kids nor our cat can play there (by the way, the cat is hypoallergenic and isn't a cuddler, so you won't even see him around when you come.)


Despite the commonly held opinion that a photo studio needs a lot of natural light, it doesn't apply to all of the studios. For the types of photography I offer, artificial light is absolutely essential! It allows me to provide you with the best image quality, and it allows me to light my clients in a way I need to, creating artistic photos. So when you come into my studio, you can expect to see professional backdrops, strobes and umbrellas, along with lots of other studio gear. 

Newborn photo studio, Newborn Photographer in Calgary
Photo Studio, Newborn and Maternity photographer

I have a huge and still growing collection of newborn props, like hats and headbands, wraps and covers, bowls and baskets, bodysuits, tiny baby toys, and a growing collection of motherhood dresses. Booking a newborn or maternity session with me means there is a possibility an outfit or a prop will be ordered specifically for your session.

Newborn photographer in Calgary
Newborn photographer in Calgary
Newborn photographer in Calgary
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