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Calgary Family, Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Who is behind the camera

Hello! My name is Lana.

I am a portrait photographer based in Calgary, specializing in all types of family-oriented photography. This includes Newborn photography, Maternity photography, Family photography, Baby Milestone sessions, Cake smash sessions, Holiday mini sessions. I help families press the pause button on this beautiful and messy thing we call life to document the connections, joy, and laughter in everyday moments.

Related facts about me:

  • Two very special people call me Mama, and they are also the main characters in my endless photography learning process.

  • Being a mom shapes my work with understanding, extra care and attention. It's not just taking photos; it's sharing the beauty of being a parent.

  • Photography is my true passion, and it has always been a part of my life.

  • I turned my passion into a thriving heart-centered business in 2017 after one-on-one mentoring sessions, numerous courses, and a great shooting experience.

  • I received training as a newborn photographer through multiple professional courses held by industry experts, including Kelly Brown and Sue Bryce in baby safety and studio posing, as well as Emily Lucarz in in-home newborn session flow, among others. 

IMG_1149_b&w low res.jpg
  • I'm a photographer who doesn't focuses on luxury; I prefer simplicity and authenticity. I welcome anyone who values this art and is seeking beautifully captured memories, investing in what truly matters to them.

  • ​I'm a published and award-winning photographer and an active member of The National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP). My recent award in baby photography with NAPCP was in August 2023.

  • I'm also honoured to have been named among the Top 10 photographers in Calgary and Top 70 photographers of Canada in for the 2019 and 2020 years of participation.

  • My business is officially registered and insured.

  • I recognize couples and families of all kinds and believe their identity, heritage, nationality and religion do not change the connection between them.

Photo style


Storytelling is my most favourite form of documenting life.

I believe that the moments that happen when you are not looking are more authentic and that you'll love those captured moments forever because they show real connections and mood! But I also understand how important those posed or looking-into-the-camera shots can be. These portraits are perfect for printing and sharing with loved ones, and holiday cards. My sessions include both candid and posed photos, as long as it is needed and possible without disturbing your children's play. 

About my photos

Newborn photographer in Calgary


I invest in high-quality gear, education, props and software in order to produce beautiful and professional imagery

As a photographer and an artist it's important to me to provide creative, unique, memorable and beautiful images of you and your kids!

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