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2024 SPRING BLOSSOMS MINI SESSIONS IN CALGARY. Best Calgary Crabapple/Cherry Blossom Locations.

Spring Blossoms Calgary. Family Photographer

Dear Calgarians,

Spring is on the horizon, and with it comes the beautiful Pink and White Crabapple / Cherry Blossoms that make for perfect family photos.

Spring Blossoms Mini Sessions Calgary. Family Photographer

This is a quick season with limited blossoming period, so if you're looking to refresh your picture collection and capture another year of milestones with your family, I'm excited to offer quick and affordable blossoms mini sessions.

For most people here, the crabapple / cherry blossoms are the sign of coming summer, because we usually have them at the very end of May. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than with beautiful pictures of your family with these lovely pink and white blossoms.

Feel free to explore my booking options for Spring Blossom Mini Sessions in Calgary and secure your spot.

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Cherry Blossoms Mini Sessions Calgary. Family Photographer

How Long Does Blooming Last?

Crabapple/Cherry Blossoms bloom and fall quickly, and also change their colour from dark pink to almost white in a few days. The blossoming period is short, about two weeks in each location, and the timing can vary depending on the spring temperatures. Usually, you can expect them bloom in late May to early June.

Booking and Dates

Scheduling is tricky because we are never certain of the bloom date until we are pretty close to it. But, like with anything amazing in life, it’s worth the extra work to make it happen! We set up dates similar to last year's blooming period, and closer to the date, if the blossoms aren't fully out yet, we'll postpone and find a better time. If you can't make the new date, don't worry—use your deposit for another session with us whenever it suits you.

Best Spots for Crabapple/Cherry Blossom Photos in Calgary

I've been holding outdoor spring minis for years and know some of the best spots that guarantee a great photo experience. All of the locations have been scouted by me, and honestly, they never disappoint.

Here are some of my top picks:

Confederation Park (NW)

Confederation Park Calgary. Spring blossoms

A great spot in the northwest of Calgary with plenty of greenery, walking paths, a river and wooden bridges. The pink and white blooming trees are spread around the park; you just walk and enjoy.

Spring Blossoms Mini Sessions Calgary. Family Photographer

Spring Blossoms Mini Sessions Calgary. Family Photographer

Spring Blossoms Mini Sessions Calgary. Family Photographer

Edworthy Park (SW)

Edworthy Park Calgary. Crabapple Blossoms

Located in the southwest of Calgary, Edworthy Park has a hidden area full of pink Crabapple Trees. It's probably the only place I've seen with so many trees in one spot. Evenings are usually very busy, so you may want to go there in the morning if you aim to capture an epic photo with most of the trees and without a crowd in the background. The walking distance from the parking lot to the spot is around 5-10 minutes, crossing the railway tracks.

Spring Blossoms Mini Sessions Calgary. Family Photographer

Spring Blossoms Mini Sessions Calgary. Family Photographer

River Park (SW)

River Park Calgary. Spring blossoms

I like this park because pink blooming trees are everywhere, along the park, so you can easily pick a spot for photos, and also parking is easy along 14a Street, and it's not usually busy.

This location has an off-leash dog park, so you need to be comfortable around dogs, as they may be running around. Likewise, if you are coming with a dog, you can keep it without a leash.

Spring Blossoms Mini Sessions Calgary. Family Photographer

Baker Park (NW)

Hands down, this park is absolutely amazing. It has lots of grown-up blossoming trees around a shaded walkway with benches. It's perfect for pictures, no buildings or cars in the background, just go end enjoy it!

Spring Blossoms Mini Sessions Calgary. Family Photographer

Reader Rock Garden (SE)

Reader Rock Garden is located in the southeast of Calgary and is great to enjoy during the spring blossoms.

This spot is among my picks for two reasons: it's really quiet; and it's just simply beautiful — the wooden, curved, one-of-a-kind benches, hidden rotunda, rocky pathways, and a heritage cafe building — all of these add unique backgrounds and textures to your photos.

That being said, I offer this spot only for full 1-2 hours family sessions. I don't typically hold my minis here due to unpredictable park availability, as this location is often used for weddings, and the park can be closed to the public.

Have more question? Reach out to us via contact form, or over the phone 4039981621. Let's make some memories amidst the spring blossoms! 🌸


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