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Christmas mini sessions: Studio or Outdoor?

Today on the blog, I am sharing photos from my winter mini sessions. I will be taking my 2021 Christmas mini sessions outdoor and in a studio. There are lots of reasons to choose one or another, and here are some of my thought about each option.

Studio Christmas mini sessions. Calgary 2021.

Studio Christmas mini

First of all INDOOR CHRISTMAS MINIS are offered for one day only, which is December 12th this year, and they are held in probably the most beautiful and spacious studio in our city. The studio is conveniently located in Downtown of Calgary. It is well known among other professionals, and it's often very busy, but I choose this space because it's just so gorgeous, that you are going to enjoy the session there and you are going to LOVE your images! The studio has original red brick walls, lots of space, high ceilings, waiting area, changing room with mirrors.

I will try to keep the minimalist style in decorations as much as possible, and Christmas tree and a wreath will be a part of it.

The studio Christmas mini is really great if you think your kids are more cooperative when it's warm. And when you want to wear your best outfits (like a dress and hills) or pyjamas! Indoor shooting offers you more privacy and comfort.

Also it's worth to mention, the parking on a weekend is right in front of the entrance to the studio and free.

What is essential to keep in mind is that being on time for your studio Christmas mini is very critical! Your time in the studio will be limited to 20 minutes. If you are late for 5 mins, your session will last 15 mins, and so on, which may result in less final images.

Outdoor Christmas mini sessions. Calgary 2021.

Outdoor Christmas mini sessions
Christmas on a bench

"Christmas on a bench" is Picstoria's OUTDOOR CHRISTMAS MINIS. They are held in Fish Creek park on a decorated bench. We also take pictures around the park, so we can change backgrounds and we can have an amazing aerial perspective and bokeh (soft out-of-focus background) in the pictures. Little kids will have fun decorating a tree with Christmas ornaments or just running around. We can spend more time (up to 30 minutes) and get a bit more images.

Outdoor Christmas mini is perfect for wintery, nature feel of your photos. You can bundle up in a blanket. Bring hot coffee/tea or hot chocolate in thermos for yourself and your kids to warm them up and motivate for more great shots!

Sweaters, coats, boots, hats and mittens will be your best choice of clothes.

How many images will I get?

Outdoor Christmas mini includes 20+ images, studio minis - 15+ images.

Number of final images depends on the cooperation of your kids, your portrait (posed/candid) preferences during the session, editing needs (skin problems retouching).

What kind of images will I get?

Normally I take posed and candid shots during all my photo sessions. I like to take pictures when you do not expect or when you are not looking into the camera, but I take a lot of classic shots too, because for most of my clients from my experience, looking-into-the-camera shots are considered as "good shots". Your ideas and wishes are always welcome! I'm listening to you!

Can I choose the images?

No. For mini sessions I offer only editor's choice at this time. This means I will choose the best shots, edit them according to my artistic editing style and send them to you.

What is included in the price?

The price for all mini sessions this year is $220. Non-refundable deposit is $30, which is due at booking. The remainder is due on the day of the session.

The price includes preparations recommendations, shooting time, digital downloadable images edited according to my artistic editing style, print-release.

When will I get my photos?

Images from your Christmas mini session will be available for downloads during the next week following the session.

What if I want to do more editing to the photos I received?

Editing is a very gentle process. It includes smoothing your skin lines and wrinkles, removing pimples, normalizing skin tones (like redness), sometimes removing people in the background.

It is always best to tell me about your worries (skin lines, pimples, teeth, hair) before I edit your photos. If your wishes were addressed during or before the session, there is a high chance that I'll do the corrections during the editing process fast, easy and for no charge.

Some custom time-consuming and/or extraordinary editing requirements may result in additional fee.

What is a mini session?

Mini sessions are miniature versions of the full photography sessions. They are less expensive, shorter in length, and accordingly produce fewer final photos for the clients. Going to a mini session is a great way to get several not pricey and fast meaningful shots for your holiday cards or to document your family year by year as a tradition.

Mini sessions usually have one date and one location, back-to-back time slots. And it's a limited offering.

Why should I book a mini session?

If you are a busy mom, have a restless toddler, moody teenager, or a husband who loathes taking pictures, you are going to appreciate the shorter session length. Mini sessions tend to last somewhere around 15-30 minutes depending on the type of session. This time is enough to capture some priceless moments, your family milestones or get a card worthy shot. The session will end before everyone is tired.

If you have never done a photo session before, consider to try a mini session. So you will get quick family photos from a professional photographer at a discounted rate.

So pick a slot, get those photos, and check it off your list!

Contact me to book a Christmas mini session.

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